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What sets us apart...

Improved Color - 
HDR is not the answer

Many have heard of the term HDR but don't understand what it actually means in photography.  

HDR or High Dynamic Ranging is a method of taking 3-7 different photos at various exposures and allowing a computer to manipulate  the end product.  Many beginner photographers use this technique for its simplicity.  Others use it for it's quickness on site as well as the limited post-processing.  There is very little that the photographer actually edits after the shoot and is often farmed out to an overseas editor.  The end result is that an algorithm deciphers the exposures and produces a calculated image.   While passable in limited situations, HDR photos do not accurately reflect the color space and look "manipulated".  


a.  Wall / window colors are inaccurate.

b.  Window frames are often dark or "black".

c.  The photos appear "muddy".

d.  Colors are not balanced and may appear with variations along  the same wall.

e.  Light fixtures look surreal and not realistic.

f.  Images tend to lack contrast.

The viewer of these photos becomes   "tense" because something just isn't quite right about them.  They don't know what it is but it does not appear natural.  Some of the emotion we are attempting to capture is lost.

Flash / Ambient Blend

To accurately reflect the true colors of the house, a blend of ambient light with off-camera flash is used.  The flash is used to eliminate many color casts created through artificial light while improving the overall brightness of the home if needed.  The ambient light is used to ensure the photograph appears natural and has depth.  It also sets a mood throughout the space.

An added benefit of using this technique is that ambient light through windows as well the views seen through windows are accurately represented and controlled.  These images are normally referred to as "clean", crisp, and provide a much greater natural feel.

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