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What sets us apart...

Quality over Quantity - More is not always better

Ever take a look at a YouTube video and see that it's 4-5minutes long?  What was the impact? Unless it's something you really want to see, the thought is, "I don't have time for this...."  Think that doesn't play into your first impression?  Now imagine going through hundreds of homes and coming across a listing with 50+ photos.  You're going to get photo fatigue.  Our photos are meant to be impactful and are a welcome break from what they've been viewing. 


A wise salesman once said, "Don't spill your candy in the lobby."  That same adage is true with the photography and with too many photos that's exactly what's happening.  Our photos are designed to drive interest.  Interest drives showings.  Showings drive sales (provided it is priced right but that's your job!) 


We believe the purpose of the photos is to get interested parties out to the home to make an educated decision.  Yes we've had buyers purchase homes solely from our photos but that is not our goal and it happens rarely.

We typically shoot a minimum of 20 photos on even the small properties, but you don't have to use every one of them.  Use only what you need to drive that impression!  If you then have someone express interest, then use the rest of the photos as needed.  Or use it to drive a conversation.  What interested you in the home?  What would you like to see?  Why do you think this home may be a fit for you?  After all, if you provide too much information they may not want to schedule a showing simply because you've given it all away.  You've "spilt the candy...." and you didn't even know they were in the lobby.

28--FULL 2.jpg
How many photos?

Believe it or not, viewers will make an impression within 0.1 second on the photo.  If that's all it takes, you need to make sure that whatever that viewer is seeing makes a statement.  If that statement is anything less than impactful, then the photos are not making a difference. 


So how many photos should we be using?  According to Street Easy's study, 11-14 photos is all you need and after that number, interest actually starts to fade.  Take your top 14 photos or so and use them.  If a viewer wants more information, they'll ask for it.  Then start that conversation and deliver what they're looking for.

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