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Drone Services

Start here for a quick video capabilities overview.

Lot Boundary Lines

If you're attempting to convey the view surrounding a marsh, river, creek, ocean, or lake, there is simply not better way to define the space or area than through the use of a drone.  Users quickly identify which area of land is being referred to and obtaining the approximate  dimensions of the surroundings.

This also applies for large acreages or lots.  The drone is able to not only see the entire lot, but also the surroundings.  If you need hyperaccurate visuals for a particular lot as well, just as for an orthographic map.  Detailed photos will be reproduced down to 0.3in / pixel.  For reference Google Earth / Maps is 15 Meters / Pixel!

1-Gateway with Boundary.jpg
5-High Aerial Shots-MLS.jpg
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