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What sets us apart...

Improved Compostion (Wider is not always better!)



24 mm

Buying and selling a home has been and always will be an emotional decision for those involved.  The photography used to portray that home must best reflect that mood, atmosphere, lifestyle and environment.   


One component of setting the mood and atmosphere is through the focal length of the camera.  A wide angle lens  shot from corner to corner is often sterile, severely distorted at the edges, and often lacks the detail and drama we're trying to invoke.  (Remember the sale is based on emotion here!)    For that reason wider shots, more often than not, are not the answer.  


Pick up any magazine and look at the photos that strike you.  I would guarantee  that the majority are not shot "wide".  Most architectural / design photographs are shot at 24mm.  Shooting wide certainly has it's time and place and having a single wide shot of the main space of the home is never a bad idea, but when it's done repeatedly and with every photo, the intrigue is lost.


20 mm

Through longer focal lengths, a mix of corner shots with one point perspectives, and strategically highlighting the home's strongest features, we  ensure the composition is focused and does not overwhelm the viewer.  

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